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Welcome to New View Construction and Design are experts in all things to do with; and Landscaping, Hardscaping or Construction Projects and Designs in the spring, summer and fall seasons in Calgary Alberta! Please take some time to view our site, we have a gallery full of our past projects, as well as lots of information on products, services, equipment and more! Please note that we service the residential and commercial markets, Scroll down to see more…

What New View Construction and Design Can Do For You!

Decks and Patios

Calgary deck design and build
What better way to entertain your friends, take advantage of the warm weather, and increase your
usable space, than to add custom built deck. If you live in Calgary, Alberta we offer everything from pressure treated, cedar, composite & duradeck, plus our NEW Steel & Stone Decks. A deck is most often an extension of the house, and is truly used to its fullest potential year round. Even though our season is short, it can get hot! A well designed Pergola not only looks beautiful, but also serves as a shaded area where you can relax during some of those hot summer days.

Foundation Support Helical Screw Piles

Goliath Tech Helical Screw Pile
New View Construction and Design is now offering GoliathTech Helical Screw Piles for all types of foundations and services commercial, acreages and residential properties in Southern Alberta, Vancouver Lower Mainland and the Okanagan Valley, B.C. This includes decks, pool or hot tub patios, Mobile homes, cottages, additions, bathrooms, solar panels, solariums, wind mills, signs, steel buildings, green houses, lamp posts, bridges, docks almost every kind of foundation supports and much more. No mess or clean up, can be installed in all terrain, even through rock and frost.

Steel & Stone Decks

Steel & Stone Decks
New View Construction and Design is now offering Steel & Stone Decks for all types of purposes, servicing commercial, acreages and residential properties in Southern Alberta, and the Okanagan Valley in B.C. This includes steel framed upper and lower decks, patio and pool decks, raised walkways, raised patios and so much more. Never paint or replace again, and will never shift once secured onto the GoliathTech screw piles.

Water Features and Ponds

Calgary Water Features and Ponds
New View Construction and Design in Calgary, Alberta also specializes in water features, ponds, dry creek beds, and more! Water features add a natural element to your landscape, and are great to sit and relax with. Focal points for all landscapes, water features create a natural ecosystem that is self-sustaining. Whatever ideas you have, New View Construction has the skills and; experience to make your pond or water feature a reality.

Retaining Walls and Raised Rock Gardens

Calgary Retaining Walls and Raised Rock Gardens
A Rock Garden can provide a unique and custom look to any yard in Calgary, Alberta, while requiring minimal maintenance. Retainer walls also add privacy, style and depth to your yard. Retainer walls can be made of many different types of bricks or rocks large or small depending on the look you desire. They can be layered to give you a large garden area on each layer, or straight up to provide a larger area at the foundation. They can be used to separate properties, and also to raise a fence on a graded landscape. We specialize in wood and stone walls.

Irrigation Systems

Calgary Irrigation Systems and Installation
We properly design and install underground water systems in Calgary, Alberta, irrigation and sprinkler lines to ensure every inch of your lawn or property is covered. We use high quality products and ensure your property has enough outlets to cover your lawns, shrubs and flower beds. Watering both the front, back and sides keeps your watering and landscaping chores to a minimum. We invite both commercial, acreages and residential projects, large and small.

Construction Projects

Calgary Construction and Development
New View Construction services for commercial acreages and residential properties in Calgary, Alberta include new steel decks with GoliathTech screw piles, hot tub and pool steel decks with GoliathTech foundation installations, all foundation supports, land preparation and design, full project overview, and much more.

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Whether you are ready to do a full overhaul on your yard, or you are still in the planning stages preparing to take the next step to owning a beautiful backyard, we are ready to hear from you if you live in Calgary, Alberta.


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