Halloween Is Tonight And No Snow!

by Vern Parkhurst October 31, 2015

The Lucky Children and Teens Get A Snow Free Halloween!

Children all over Calgary, Alberta will be excited to be able to put on their Halloween Costumes and no it is not going to snow tonight! They will be celebrating with their friends and enjoying the warm dry weather.

Business owners know how dangerous icy and snowy conditions can be for small children and that is why they make sure their commercial properties are cleared with snow removal equipment and sanding and salting. They cover their winter snow removal contracts with icy patrol, and GPS Monitoring and have their parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and walkways put into their monthly snow removal contracts.

New View Construction has a very strong and successful snow removal business. We own all our own equipment, which includes snow dozers, bobcats, skidsteers, pickup trucks, sanding truck and dump trucks.

Don’t wait until we do get snow before you call and secure your commercial winter snow removal contracts for your business property.