Hardscaping and Landscape Design

Calgary Custom Hardscape and Landscape Design

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Designing your Calgary, Ab commercial or residential landscape is a very important process as it showcases the layout that we & the customer have worked on together. It is an overview of all work that will be required, a layout of your yard, and a list of materials that will be used. A proper design plan leads to a functional and successful landscape result. You can rely on our 20 years experience in both landscaping and hardscaping to fulfill your projects with confidence.

Retaining Walls

Calgary Stone and Wood Retaining walls

There are many different types of commercial and residential wood or stone retaining walls to build in Calgary, Ab. Many use them to add privacy, or depth to a yard, but they can also be used to separate 2 separate grades of a property, allowing for a more usable and practical space. All walls New View Construction & Design built on a level surface or on a solid foundation consisting of compacted crushed road gravel with proper drainage systems that include weeping tile & washed rock drainage fields that prevent hydrostatic pressure. Our hardscaping services are extensive so please explosre our “Updates” section where we feature our “Specialty Pages” and our “Updates”.

Commercial Gardens

Calgary custom gardening

There are many different types of commercial gardens to choose that will accent each property in a different way.  Living in Calgary, Alberta knowing which ones will survive our harsh winters is important. Using our hardscaping skills we can tie together your patios, raised gardens, water fountains and SOD with underground irrigation systems so that your outdoor property becomes maintenance free.

Raised Gardens

Calgary Custom Landscape Design

New View Construction & Desgin offers hardscaping services to both commercial and residential properties. Probably the most requested type of garden in Calgary Ab is a “Raised Rock Garden”, these add a lot of depth, colour, & beauty to your landscape. In most cases, we raise our gardens anywhere from 8-24 inches high and shape them as they were designed in the landscape design process. We then cover the garden in landscaping fabric & pin it down so no weeds can grow through. To separate the garden from the rest of your landscape, we offer over 50 different types of border products from natural stone, to man made products. Once the garden is shaped with fabric installed, we plant various shrubs throughout and cover with your choice stone, mulch, etc.

Rock Gardens

Calgary Custom Landscape Design

Rock Gardens give a unique and custom look, and by starting early in Calgary Ab. your rock garden will require little maintenance compared to a traditional raised or veggie garden. When designed correctly, customers can have a beautiful yard with various rock gardens, meaning less maintenance & yearly up-keep.

Fences & Decks

Custom built wood fence in new development

A well built fence for the Calgary Ab landscape is great for privacy as well as aesthetics. Fences also helps to protect your landscape & your belongings. We offer a wide variety of long lasting and durable fence or deck applications, including pressure treated, vinyl, rod iron and chain link. We make the holes using helical screw piles, and install you new fence. Need a retainer wall under your fence, we also offer hardscaping and bobcat services.

Water Features-Ponds & Fountains

Custom built wood fence in new development

New View Construction & Design in Calgary Alberta also specializes in water features, ponds, fountains, dry creek beds, and more! Water features add a natural element to your landscape, and are great to sit and relax with. Focal points for all landscapes, water features create a natural ecosystem that is self-sustaining. Whatever ideas you have, New View Landscaping, Construction and Design has the skills & experience to make your pond or water feature a reality.

Irrigation Systems

Calgary Custom Landscape Design

We install residential and commercial irrigation systems in the Calgary Alberta and surrounding areas. All irrigation systems are properly designed and installed to ensure every inch is covered. We offer automatic sprinkler systems with built in timers, so you don’t have to worry about turning your sprinklers on and off. Above that, it’s important to make sure your landscape is getting the proper amount of water, at the right time. Because Calgary summers can be very hot, you don’t want to water mid-day, because the moisture will cause the grass to burn in the heat.. Another advantage to an underground irrigation system is that it regulates the water used, thus lowering your monthly water bills. We also offer irrigation for your above ground gardens and veggie gardens, which use a smaller drip line dispensing smaller amounts of water, allowing your smaller more delicate plants the proper amount of water.

SOD Delivery & Installation

Freshly layed sod

We install the best quality SOD Calgary Alberta has to offer for commercial and residential properties. We deliver and prepare your ground and install your new SOD. Nothing pulls together an amazing landscape like lush green lawn.